The Continuing Adventures of SuperPreemie

Saturday morning, in our tent…

Posted on: June 29, 2009

5:55 am… Shoshanna wakes up.

S: Mama, why it’s light out?  Is it morning?
Me: Mphfff.
S: Mama, the sun is up!  It’s morning.
Me: Mphffff.
S opens the wall separating the sides of the tent.
S: Mama, it’s morning!  The sun is up!  Can I get up?
Me: Mphfffff.
S sees my sleep mask which is the only thing that allows me to sleep past when the sun comes into the tent starting at 5:30 am.
S: Mama, why that thing is on your face?
Me:  Because the sun is up.

She’s a morning person and she’s even more of a morning person when she’s on the sunny side of a tent on one of the shortest nights of the year.  She went down for a nap by 11:30 am.


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