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Posted on: June 14, 2009

23/52: Highlighting her lines

Pre-k graduation is this Friday.  The Kindelas class will be performing “The Gingerbread Boy” for the assembled folks.  Shoshanna was cast as the Narrator (which has the most lines) because she is able to read her part and so won’t have to memorize it.  I said that she’ll memorize it anyway.

I was wrong; she didn’t memorize her part.

She memorized the whole play.


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Whoo! Go Shoshanna!

She is a set of opposable thumbs away from taking over the world…


Yeah, we’re screwed. 🙂

what an awesome photo! it’s dying to be part of a diptych when she is in med school or whatever studying for a test… oh dear, i just gave myself shivers!

She’s so awesome! Wish I could see the play!

Seriously, someday the authorities are going to read this blog and your various other posts and wonder why NOBODY SAW THE SIGNS. 😛

And: of course she did!

What a little brain!!! That is awesome! Take pics & movies! You’ve got yourself a smartiepants! She is gonna show the world~!

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