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Miss Shoshanna meets Mister Lincoln

Posted on: June 4, 2009

22/52: FINALLY at the Lincoln Memorial We bopped down to Maryland for 36 hours or so last weekend…  like you do.  Grandma and Opa had secured tickets to the Children’s Concert at the Kennedy Center  and we had promised Shoshanna that while we were downtown we could go to the Lincoln Memorial, which she had been begging to do ever since they learned about it at school around Presidents’ Day.  So after the concert we had a picnic by the tidal basin (which is where we finally found parking after driving around in many many circles) and then we walked over to the Memorial, with Shoshanna (who hadn’t napped) complaining the whole way.  Jury’s still out on whether the complaining was preferable to the howling that accompanied the walk back.  Needless to say, she passed out very quickly once we were back to the car.

She sees Maestro Mouse(It should be noted that this was our first-ever trip sans stroller.  I think it went OK all things considered.  I am considering making the trip to Maine this summer without wheeled conveyance for Shoshanna, too.)

The Children’s Concert was fun – Shoshanna was excited to meet Maestro Mouse.  The program was a bit long for her (see previous note about the lack of nap… it was a 1 pm performance) but she did enjoy it.

We also introduced her to my favorite ethnic cuisine: Ethiopian.  I think she likes it as much as I do – permission to eat with your fingers?  That’s all you had to say to her!

Getting to see Jacy and Josh one more time before Cousin arrives next month was a nice bonus, too.  My sister-in-law is almost obnoxiously good at being pregnant.  😉

Beer Belly
(The shirt, in case you can’t read it, says “Beer Belly”. It was Matthew’s idea.)


1 Response to "Miss Shoshanna meets Mister Lincoln"

It was great seeing you guys! I think Shoshanna is going to be a fantastic big cousin, judging by the number of times she cuddled the belly and talked about how she was going to help out with Cousin. I love that darn beer belly shirt, too. Maybe in 6 months, it will actually be a beer belly! Here’s to hoping!

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