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Why yes, life is crazy. Why do you ask?

Posted on: May 10, 2009

I have been pestered by Grammy because I haven’t updated.  SORRY!!!

17/52: Swingin' with Buster BisonMarch for Babies was brilliant… we got super-lucky with the weather, Shoshanna got to swing with Buster Bison and she rode her bike for the whole 3+ miles.  We were also featured in a really nice article in the Buffalo News the week before the March.  We are still getting comments from random strangers and various acquaintances about that one – a picture of Shoshanna was on the front page of the paper, above the fold.  As if we needed her ego to get any bigger.

So that was two weeks ago.  Then last weekend we drove 8 hours round trip to Punxsy to go to Aunt Jacy’s baby shower.  Awwwwww....Well, we girls went – the boys all went geocaching while we were at the coffee shop eating cake and playing silly shower games and watching/helping Jacy open shower presents.  Shoshanna also made a “best friend in Punxsutawney” –  Jacy’s cousin Jackson, who just turned 5.  They got along very very well – it was pretty cute.  At one point Shoshanna even had to fix Jackson’s tie for him, which was just hilarious and stereotypical and sweet (and yes, I have a picture, but I don’t publish pictures of other people’s kids on the blog without their permission!).  Jacy’s doing great and we’re all really looking forward to meeting Cousin in July.

This week Matthew went to pre-k to talk to the kids about being a computer scientist, including teaching them all to count in hexadecimal; I’m sure we’ll be getting “thank yous” from the other parents very soon.  And Friday was the annual Parents’ Breakfast, which I had to miss (but Matthew could go to) because I had strep throat.  So now we’re watching Shoshanna like a hawk to see if she starts showing symptoms – you’re contagious for about 48 hours after starting antibiotics (which I did at noon on Thursday) and the incubation period is 2-5 days.


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