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Snippets, late March…

Posted on: March 23, 2009

For serious. Shoshanna put this outfit together on Saturday morning. First she just had on the bellydance outfit but that got cold, so we added the shirt & tights underneath. And then she found the bandanna and dictated that it be tied on just so…

Yesterday afternoon we were talking to Grandma and Opa and Opa commented that when we go down to DC for the weekend in May, we will be going downtown (to a childrens’ concert at the Kennedy Center, which S will LOVE) and we will have the chance to stop by “a certain memorial”.  We didn’t think she was really listening to the conversation until she started squealing about “THE LINCOLN MEMORIAL!!!!!”  She has been OBSESSED with going to visit the Lincoln Memorial ever since they studied Lincoln and Washington at school, around Presidents’ Day.  Maybe we’ll walk her by the White House, too… she’s very interested in the fact that two little girls not much older than she is live there now.

Shoshanna is very into sharing her art right now.  Almost every day she draws a picture of/for one of her friends and takes it to school to put in that friend’s cubby.

We had a perfect Sunday… S didn’t wake up until 7:20 or so; she and M went and watched TV, woke me up, we all got dressed and they went to get donuts like they do every Sunday morning.  Then S and I played at various things around the house while M worked on a paper for the morning, S actually took a nap at rest time and then we went to the pool where we took turns merrily flinging ourselves off of the diving board for an hour.  Came home, talked to various grandparents, watched some Curious George, ate dinner, and S was asleep by 8, having been extremely agreeable all day.  I don’t think she talked back to us one time, which is becoming a more and more common occurrence.


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