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MFB Family Teams Kickoff

Posted on: March 11, 2009

Last week we had did our first official stint as this year’s Ambassador Family for the Metro Buffalo March for Babies. Thursday night was the kickoff for the family teams – Shoshanna was excited because there was pizza and the event was held at the Science Museum, which she loves.

When the time came for the official programming, we left Shoshanna happily coloring at the back of the room and took our seats near the front. The event was emcee’d by one a local news personality. We were first on the program, so Jennifer introduced all three of us and up we went to do our spiel. We immediately looked for Shoshanna to point her out and COULD NOT FIND HER. She was not at the back of the room coloring where we had left her. Then we noticed our friend Marlene, who did this gig last year, pointing to the middle of the audience, and there was Miss Shoshanna, clutching her drawings and watching us very intently. I told the very short version of her story … born early, surfactant yay, very much a normal 4 year old now yay; M did his bit about his family’s history with the organization and the money family teams raise will help make sure all babies are born healthy, and we cued the video and sat back down. As the video started, M leaned over to me and said, “Why did we make this movie again?” It ran, people laughed at this picture and then I hear a little peanut voice from behind us… “That’s me when I was two… that’s me when I was three… that’s me going to school… that’s me under the table at Grammy’s house… that’s me saying ‘thank you march of dimes’.”

Afterwards, we were told about a million times how cute she is. As if she needed to hear that any more often.

This coming weekend, we will be again showing the video and doing our bit at the Gourmet Gala – a black tie dinner at the Adams Mark hotel downtown. Yay, excuse to get all dressed up and fancy and drink wine on the MoD’s dime!


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