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Houston, we have IEP!

Posted on: March 11, 2009

Not only was Thursday the March of Dimes Family Kickoff, it was also the day of the big meeting at the school district to find out whether or not Shoshanna would be getting PT at school. We had gotten a letter about six weeks ago notifying us of this meeting, inviting us to attend, and saying that we would be informed of the school district’s decision as to whether or not she would get services. Remember that, after her evaluations, it was recommended that she receive physical therapy for an hour a week.

Matthew went to the meeting, which lasted all of fifteen minutes. There was a representative from the evaluating agency there who read the pertinent bits of her evaluations into the official record, and someone from the school district. The upshot is that starting next week Shoshanna will be receiving PT at school for half an hour twice a week; we are lucky that her school is already served by a physical therapist because if it wasn’t, she probably wouldn’t be getting the services – the school district is woefully short-staffed on therapists. The process of transitioning her out of the preschool system into the elementary school system will start in June (we hope that she won’t have to go through the whole battery of tests AGAIN), and we will be asking the school(s) where she gets accepted (which we will know in four to six weeks) whether or not they already have a PT coming to the building. Obviously that won’t be the be-all and end-all of our school decision, but it will definitely be something that we will consider.


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[…] evaluation that eventually led to Shoshanna being diagnosed with a 25% gross motor delay and her starting to receive physical therapy […]

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