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This one’s really for Cheri

Posted on: March 9, 2009

This morning in the car, Shoshanna was telling us about how they learned about the revolutionary war at school but she already knew because we read a book about it. Then she asked us,

 “Why we fighted against the Ainglish”?
“We fought against them because we wanted to be our own country.”
“Yeah, when the fighting happened a long time ago, we say ‘fought’.”
“Oh. Why we foughted them?”
We try to stifle our laughter.
“Fought. It’s confusing, we know.”
“Why we fought them?”

I have a couple of posts brewing about Shoshanna’s IEP (yes, she has one now) and the March of Dimes Family Teams Kick Off, both of which happened last Thursday. Those will have to come later, though.


1 Response to "This one’s really for Cheri"

I love that she asks questions about the Revolutionary war! She’s so smart! Who cares about irregular verbs?

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