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Slowest. Bureaucracy. Ever.

Posted on: February 23, 2009

About a month ago, we got the report from the agency that did all of Shoshanna’s evaluations. What we learned: she’s wicked smart, she’s got a >25% gross motor delay (skill level: 36-37 months. age at time of testing: 51 months), and some sensory… weirdnesses. The PT recommended weekly therapy; the OT did not think services were warranted. (We agree on both counts.)

This last week, we got a letter from the Committee on Preschool Special Education inviting us to a meeting during which they will decide whether or not she GETS the physical therapy that’s been recommended. That meeting is the first week in March.

By the time they get this all sorted out, she’ll be OUT OF PRESCHOOL! Seriously… I sent the paperwork asking for her to be evaluated in mid-October. It took them six weeks to actually start evaluating her, the evaluations took place over another six weeks, and then it’s six weeks between when the eval paperwork is done and when the school district actually makes any kind of decision! That’s INSANE.


3 Responses to "Slowest. Bureaucracy. Ever."

Welcome to the world of underfunded, overstructured public education. Good luck!

Lovely. BTW: what they did was illegal…I wish I knew that is what was going on. Once you sign the paper that states you want services they have only 45 business days in which to complete the evaluation and address the items on the IEP. I would report them to the state just so someone above them looks at their books and makes their life uncomfortable. I’m sure they do this a lot.

[…] shoe that dropped last September?  And all the evaluation that eventually led to Shoshanna being diagnosed with a 25% gross motor delay and her starting to receive physical therapy […]

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