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The little scientist…

Posted on: January 25, 2009

Several months ago, Shoshanna declared that she’s going to be a computer scientist like Daddy.  In fact, she’s going to go to his college and take his classes and then she’s going to get her PhD.  Lately this vision of the future has grown to include going to graduate school in Florida where it’s warm and she doesn’t have to wear mittens and she gets to have ice cream and go on Thunder Mountain (because “Florida” is really Disney World).  Last week she also told me that she’s going to have a baby on her thirty-oneth birthday.

But her visions of the future are not actually my point.  My point is that she’s a very observant and curious child.  Moreso than most?  Well, I don’t really have a good comparison so I can’t say.

This morning as we drove to the pool, she remarked that the road sang when we drove over a bridge (highway overpass).  I hadn’t noticed, but I suggested that we listen when we went over the next one.  It “sang” too.  We listened again on the way home and discovered that they “sang” the same note.

Then during lunch, we were talking about why the cheese in her grilled cheese sandwich melted (answer: because it got hot).  She told me that when ice melts it turns into water and then if it gets cold it will turn back into ice.  I told her that she was right and suggested an experiment in which we would observe the freezing and thawing process.  Before her rest, we filled a tupperware halfway full of water and popped it in the freezer.  When she got up about 3 hours later, we pulled it out and observed that it had a layer of ice across the top but that the bottom half was still liquid.  We put it back in the freezer and she and Matthew observed it again before dinnertime, at which point it was mostly frozen.  Tomorrow we’ll observe it in its frozen state again and then take it out to thaw.


1 Response to "The little scientist…"

Hey, I might have a baby on my thirty oneth birthday! She wants to be just like me 😉

She is such a smart little scientist!

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