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Posted on: January 8, 2009

By complete happenstance, I got to see some of Shoshanna’s gym class at school today.  We slept in a bit this morning, so we got to school at about 10 ’til 9, and then I chatted with a friend in the locker room before heading upstairs to work out, so by the time I was heading into the cardio room, the pre-K kids were in the gym with Miss Desirea.  Shoshanna is definitely the slowest, least coordinated runner of the bunch (as was I at that age, I’m sure).  She’s in the majority in being completely unable to skip – only one kid in the class achieved that feat.  And Miss Desirea learned that you have to be very specific when giving Shoshanna instructions.  See, Desirea asked the kids to skip around the gym following the red lines.  What she didn’t specify was that she wanted them to follow the red lines all the way to the end of the court and then around.  (I think the red lines are the volleyball lines.)  There was one halfway down the court, and Shoshanna merrily “skipped” along that one instead of following the path that the teacher had intended.  Desirea’s comment was, “I can’t argue – she did exactly what I asked!”

I also had a chance to chat with Shoshanna’s classroom teacher while we were watching the kids.  She has filled out her part of the paperwork for Shoshanna’s evaluation for PT and OT, so the bureaucratic end of that mess ought to be wrapping up soon.  She’s had educational, psychological, physical therapy, and occupational therapy evaluations, along with the social services intake that I did and the paperwork that Ms. Marna has done.  So hopefully we’ll hear about that soon.

Shoshanna also has an IQ test this Saturday – the second half of her testing for the G&T elementary school program.  I’m sure I’ve pondered this before, but how on EARTH do you get good IQ data on a four-year-old?  Her teacher is 100% confident that she will score very high… we’ll see.  Marna did discover that you can’t spell things in front of Shoshanna anymore – apparently they were trying to say that somebody was s-m-a-r-t the other day and Shoshanna piped up with “I’m smart!”


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