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Yet another illustration of Shoshanna being too smart for our good…

Posted on: January 5, 2009

Shoshanna knows that we are not fond of buying her clothing with characters on it.  She knows that she won’t get Dora shoes (or ones with lights) or t-shirts or that stuff out of us.  She also knows that we tease our parents about buying her things that they know we wouldn’t – we call them “suckers”.  (For example, a Dora the Explorer dance mat & book as well as a Dora “iPod”, for which Fran and Harry will be getting revenge thank you notes from us soon.)

As we were driving home from Delaware on Saturday, we had the following conversation:

“Why my grandparents buy me things with characters?”
“Because they’re suckers.”
“Why you guys don’t?”
“We do, sometimes.  We bought you a Dora puzzle for Christmas and we bought you Spiderman puzzles for your birthday.”
“Oh yeah!  I guess you guys are suckers, too!”

 Yes, kid, we are, we really really are.


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