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The “P” word…

Posted on: December 14, 2008







Guess which one Shoshanna has?  Yeah, the last one.  It’s of the “walking” variety, but the cold she got over Thanksgiving just would not go away, and took up residence in her chest in a way that I’d never seen in her before.  So on Friday I called and asked the ped’s office what they thought we ought to do – continue with Mucinex and waiting, or take further action.  They opted for further action and gave us an appointment for yesterday morning.  The doctor took one listen to her chest, declared it to be pneumonia, and handed us a script for Zithromax (which I was thrilled to learn has gone out of patent protection since last time she was on it) and an order for a chest x-ray at Children’s Hospital.  We trundled down there and miraculously didn’t have to wait at all to get the films taken.  Shoshanna did a great job even when we had to leave the room for the x-rays themselves.  And she got LOTS of stickers, so she was happy, and now she will prattle on to anyone who will listen that she had to go to the hospital to get x-rays taken.  Takes it all in stride, she does.

I have declared her to be the healthiest child with pneumonia that the world has ever seen.  She isn’t contagious and it isn’t slowing her down much if at all.  Unless things change dramatically, we’ll still send her to school tomorrow (not least because we’re getting our new furnace installed and there will be no heat here at the house!).  Swimming lessons on Tuesday & Wednesday… we’ll see how she’s doing.  We’re to report back to the doctor on Friday so they can take another listen to her chest.  I anticipate a dramatic improvement.


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Ugh. Zoe had pneumonia twice…I think it was 2 winters ago. (It apparently didn’t really go away that first time.) Here’s hoping it remains the “walking” variety and really gets taken care of.

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