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The Magic Number is Fourteen

Posted on: December 7, 2008

Since Thanksgiving, Shoshanna’s been running on ever-decreasing sleep reserves.  She only naps at school about 25% of the time anymore… the routine when she doesn’t nap at school is to put her to bed right after dinner, but still the BEST we do then is getting her in bed about 45 minutes earlier than usual, and a normal nap for her is an hour and a half.  PLUS she has a little cold, which I think has been impacting the quality of her sleep.  On Friday, she actually went to sleep during rest time but then about 20 minutes later one of the non-sleepers had a full frontal four-year-old freakout (Mister Mike had threatened to call down The Enforcer Ms. Lidia to get them to be quiet) and woke up the rest of the class, and they didn’t get back to sleep.

Yesterday, she had an EXTREMELY overstimulating birthday party at Page’s Paradise Island… an extremely overstimulating birthday party that we left for at 1:30 PM (smack in the middle of naptime).  She was pooped when we got there, swam a bit, got cold, told me that she was “very done”, just sat in her chair staring at the Diego party hat and plate, then demanded to go “play” video games, had pizza, cake, and ice cream, ACTUALLY played some video games and won 21 tickets with which she bought a little pompom alien guy.

And then, on the way home, this happened:

Post-party snooze

No, I didn’t catch them both blinking at the same time; both she and Jordan passed out in the car, within probably 10 minutes of us leaving the party.  When we got home I took three trips from the car (first trip: open doors; second trip: bring in bags; third trip: bring in kid) and dumped her in bed, still in her party clothes.  That was at about 4:45; she woke up at 8:30 saying she was thirsty.  I gave her some water, got her ready for bed, and she was back asleep by 9:00.  She woke up this morning at 7:15, and her mood and behavior have been 100% better than they have been for most of this week.  As an added bonus, she’s napping again now.  Hooray for making up for the sleep deficit!


2 Responses to "The Magic Number is Fourteen"

Sleep = reboot kid. Nice. 🙂

yay!! she’s finally sleeping well!!!
fateha had trouble sleeping too but is back to normal now 🙂

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