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Thanksgiving break…

Posted on: December 2, 2008

We drove down to DC for Thanksgiving (for the record, avoid Breezewood, PA at all costs – it took us TWO HOURS in stop & go traffic to get from 70 onto the PA turnpike on Sunday afternoon) and instead of giving you words, I’ll just give you pictures and some text.

It's a classic...I have been forced to eat my words.  A lot.  At one point M suggested a lite brite as a good gift for Shoshanna and I pooh-pooh’d the idea.  Fran trotted out M’s old one on Friday morning … and this is what we heard for the rest of the weekend.  “Play lite brite with me!  Play lite brite with me!  Can I play lite brite?  Play lite brite with me!”  So I guess she likes it.  Maybe she’ll get one for Hanukkah.

Sending a messageNothing really exciting about this one except she was being cute playing with her winnie-the-poohter.  She was VERY good while we were at the Diamonstones.  She got to go to the playground (she will tell you all about how she fell down on the grass and hurt her knee), play with the dogs and meet both parrots, neither of whom was terribly fond of her but neither of whom bit her, either, and eat lots of food that she liked.  Oh, and she still loves cheesecake and will eat any cheesecake that is not nailed down.

Queen & Princess of the Mountain5 minutes later...We went out for a walk at Great Falls on Saturday afternoon, which Shoshanna loved because there were rocks to climb on and other kids and she got to be Princess of the Mountain.  (She cannot be queen.  I have to be Queen of the Mountain.)  When I asked her on the way home (probably during those two hours were were parked on the interstate in Breezewood) what her favorite part of the trip was, she said that she liked being a mountain climber the best.

Wish List

This is Shoshanna’s holiday wish list.  Which she wrote all by herself, I should note.  On it are puzzles (I had to help with the Z’s and the spelling), t-shirts (spelled all by herself expect for the vowel), “see” (spelled all by herself) which apparently means that she needs new sunglasses so that she can see when it’s sunny out.  And then she started to write her name (which she now consistently spells 100% correctly, though the S’s are still always backwards, and it’s all in caps) but got distracted.

Oh, and video of her working the room at Thanksgiving.


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