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It’s Official…

Posted on: November 4, 2008

The choices have been made, the paperwork has been mailed.  Shoshanna’s name is officially in the lottery for entry into kindergarten next year.  We ranked the G&T elementary school as our first choice, and she’ll go through their battery of tests (which I believe include an IQ test as well as evaluation by a school psychologist) after the first of the year.  The other four choices were various “normal” elementary schools relatively close to home.  We will also be applying to one charter school and will know the outcomes of both lotteries sometime mid-April.


3 Responses to "It’s Official…"

NO!!! She is NOT allowed to be old enough for kindergarten yet. I simply refuse to believe it. Yes, she’s smart enough. Yes, she’s mature enough. But NO she is not yet old enough!!!!!! AH! I’m going to cry!

And yet…I’m so proud of how she’s growing up.

I’m confused. My child was born end of november, 2004. She doesn’t qualify for kindy next year in CA due to age cutoff. Will your child be the youngest in the class?

Ellen, this varies wildly from school district to school district. In our district, the cutoff is the first of the year – all kids born in 2004 qualify for kindergarten next fall. In the next town over (two blocks from our house!), though, the cutoff is the first of October.

Shoshanna will likely be one of the youngest in her class.

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