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We’d better watch what we say around this kid…

Posted on: September 29, 2008

Shoshanna and I had the following conversation in the car on the way to her GI appointment this morning:

S: Mama, what’s a due date?
Me: That’s when you expect a baby to be born.
S:  Why my due date was in January but I didn’t come ’til September?
Me: Well, September came BEFORE January, and because you were in a hurry.

The news from the GI is that we should continue with the reflux meds for 3 more months and then we’ll see if she can come off of them again.  It’s frustrating that all the diagnostic tests for reflux are so invasive – your choices are trial and error or putting the kid under general anesthesia so they can scope the esophagus and see what’s going on in there.

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1 Response to "We’d better watch what we say around this kid…"

yea i hate getting Fateha some test and the doctor could only say, we’ll see how. there’s no definite answers.

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