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Four, feted

Posted on: September 27, 2008

"Shoshanna, how old are you?" Now that the party is actually OVER I feel that I can properly treat Shoshanna’s FOURTH birthday.

She woke up early (5 am) on Thursday morning and burst into our room, not to wake us up ’cause it was her birthday, but to tell us that PJ had brought a radio for show & tell and that it had played “Put Me In Coach”.  We got her to go back to sleep until 6:45 or so and then she & Matthew headed out to catch the bus to go to school.  (As it turned out, I had to go in to the office on Thursday morning, too, so I met them on the train.)  Birthday Stuff

At school they had cake for morning snack and she got to wear a special birthday crown.  All the while, I was at home slaving away on birthday & party prep.  (Or something.)  We let Shoshanna choose where to have dinner Thursday night (she picked McDonald’s predictably, because she wanted the toy) and then came home to have our cupcakes and open presents from us and Grammy & Grampa.

Being patientCandlesShe crashed out HARD because she’d been up early, barely napped at school, and was just SO EXCITED!

Fast forward to today, PARTY DAY!  The big moment was 1 pm (well, noon, more accurately, because our friends the P family came over to help us with the final setup and so that 2 year old T could have some fun before they had to leave so that he could have his nap, which we inconsiderately scheduled the party in the middle of).

The best way to kill time before your party is by taking pictures outside. (This is also the best picture I got of her birthday dress, sadly.)
Killin' Time
We were fortunate in that it was warm enough for the kids to play both outside and inside.  Shoshanna was SO EXCITED to have so many friends over (we ended up with 10 kids ranging in age from 14 months to 4, though not all of them were there at the same time since the P’s left before Steph & Baby N arrived, and a parent per kid).  There was playing with toys, attempts at organized activities but mostly the kids just wanted to play with toys, eating of cake and snacks.
Shoshanna the cruise director
Shoshanna being, well, Shoshanna AND a tired Shoshanna at that, had to sit down and read some books in the middle of the party.
In the middle of the party
What this picture doesn’t convey is a) the decibel level in the room at the time and b) the sheer chaos happening just to her left.  About two seconds later she asked L’s dad (whose knee & cap brim you can see in the picture) to read the book to her.  I suggested that in the middle of the party was not when a grownup was going to read to her and she went and climbed into her dressup box and read it some more herself.

After the party, she was persuaded to nap and did so for about 2 hours.  And I’m sure that it says something about my kid that her favorite birthday gifts have been the piano from Grandma and Opa, the camera from Grammy & Grampa, and the harmonica that she got from one of her friends.
Blues Lady

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3 Responses to "Four, feted"

It looks like a great time was had by all! Wow, can you believe you have a four year old??? I love the birthday dress — so cute! Happy birthday, Shoshanna!

Glad to hear that the party went well – I was thinking of all of you on Thursday!

Such a great party. Happy Birthday to you all!

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