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Of soccer, Griffins, and Mommy’s students

Posted on: September 17, 2008

The new turf at the Canisius multi-purpose athletic field was inaugurated yesterday, and the college community was invited to come and watch the women’s soccer team take on the University of North Dakota, and for kids to kick a ball around on the new turf at halftime.  Since a) Shoshanna loves Petey the Griffin (the college mascot) b) we love us a free meal (burgers and dogs before the game, you see) and c) three of my students are on the team, we headed out to watch the game.

In the stands...Kickin' with Peteykick!Petey Hug

When we left the game, the score was 0 – 1; as we piled in the car we heard the Canisius ladies score a goal.  Matthew checked the results this morning when he got to work and called to let Shoshanna and me know what they were (we were en route from the train station to school at the time).  They ended up winning 2 – 1, with one of my students playing in goal for the whole game (she’s got three wins already this season) and another scoring the winning goal.  I relayed this information to Shoshanna, who declared, “Oh, I is so proud of them!”

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