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First day of Pre-K

Posted on: September 4, 2008

Shoshanna started in the pre-kindergarten class at her preschool on Tuesday.  It’s the same school, obviously, but a new classroom and a new teacher (although some of the aides and assistant teachers from the “big room” moved downstairs with the class).  Shoshanna already knew and loved Ms. M before Tuesday and, by all accounts, Ms. M was already pretty fond of her, too.

Monday afternoon, we had the following conversation:

Us: You’re going to learn to read in Ms. M’s class.
Her:  I already KNOW how to read!
Us: You’re going to learn to do math in Ms. M’s class.
Her: I already KNOW how to do math!
Us: You’re going to learn about science in Ms. M’s class.
Her: I get to learn about SCIENCE!!!

So you can guess who woke up bright and early on Tuesday morning, all ready to go off and be a big kid.  She even carried her backpack all the way from the train station to school because that’s what big kids do.
That's more like it!

The changes from the three-year-old class were immediately apparent.  They are studying the letter “A” this week and for Wednesday they were supposed to bring something for show & tell – anything they wanted OR something that began with the letter A, and we all know what begins with the letter A.  Abi (her security blanket), of course! 
Show & Tell

She also brought home her first worksheet, which I have preserved because I know that’s what Grandma would want me to do, along with one from the second day because I was so dang impressed with her writing of her name.
1st Worksheet2nd Worksheet

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2 Responses to "First day of Pre-K"

Wow. That name is impressive. And her hair has gotten so long.

“Her: I get to learn about SCIENCE!!!”

Love it, love it, love it!

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