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Home from Grammy’s

Posted on: August 13, 2008

Actually, Shoshanna has been home since dinnertime Sunday but Grammy was here with us until this morning.  She had a grand time at my parents’ house, and did pretty well.  By the end of the week she was getting pretty sleep-deprived and missing us.  When they got off the plane she spent the first several minutes just petting our faces and saying, “Mama!  Daddy!  I missed you!”

Shoshanna brought a bit of a cold home from Grammy’s but it’s not too bad – a bit of chest congestion and a runny nose.  She has declared that she will be better by Saturday for her BFF J’s birthday party.

The other excitement is that she has discovered the Magic Tree House books.  We had lunch at Wendy’s a couple of week ago and the “toy” was an audiobook of one of the stories (can I just say, hooray to Wendy’s for not adding to the pile of injection-molded, noise-making junk in my house!).  She has listened to it several times and informed me that her friend L at school has some of the books.  I was skeptical – they’re second-grade level books, about 60 pages long and 10 chapters each.  But Odin is enjoying them, too, so I told her we could look for them when we went to the library yesterday.  (I was quite certain that our library would have them).  I checked out Magic Tree House #1: Dinosaurs Before Dark yesterday and she has carried it EVERYWHERE with her since then.  She “reads” it by flipping pages, hugs it to her chest, and would have taken it to bed with her last night if I had let her.  At bedtime last night we had 4 chapters left to read and I had told her that we could read 2 more.  The problem was that chapters 7, 8, and 9 (of 10) are the most suspenseful and she was practically chewing through her comforter as I read them – there was no WAY she was going to sleep if we didn’t finish the book, so I did (and she went right to sleep after that).  Since then we’ve started it again and are three chapters into the second reading.

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1 Response to "Home from Grammy’s"

My son is loving that series right now too.
I just love seeing them excited over a book.

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