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Already a force to be reckoned with…

Posted on: July 5, 2008

New Dancing Shoes!Today at the grocery store Shoshanna proved that she can already frighten older boys… we were in the bathroom before I dropped her off at the play place and she came striding out of the stall heading for the sinks.  This poor boy, probably about 5 years old, took one look at her and demanded that his mom pick him up.

In other news, possibly related to the fun reflux, we bought her new “party shoes” today.  Yes, again.  The ballet slippers lasted exactly 2 months before she wore them out and outgrew them.  Despite what Payless says about these shoes (“extra wiggle room in the toes” and “rigorous wear testing to make sure they stand up to your child’s every adventure”), her feet got too wide for the toe box and she blew through the soles, especially on the toes, really quickly.  Luckily for us, Target had a bunch of shoes on clearance, so we were able to get her some new ones that have much more substantial soles.  And we got them in a NINE (the ballet ones were a 7 1/2); she’s got plenty of growing room, admittedly, but we went up A SIZE AND A HALF between pairs of shoes!  Oy.

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1 Response to "Already a force to be reckoned with…"

I seem to remember you having the same effect on little boys at that age. Only difference, you cowed a couple of boys IN THEIR OWN HOME!

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