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Shoshanna-isms from vacation

Posted on: June 30, 2008

Just back from a week in DC… I’ll post details and pics later, but there are three things that I wanted to put up for the amusement of the general public.

Thing one: “Swallaby Swoop was a BAD badger!”
Shoshanna came to me and told me this with exactly that much context one morning. She’s been pretending a lot about a group of badgers, I have no idea why.

Thing two: Saturday morning, Shoshanna decided she wanted different cereal than the one that was in her bowl. I told her that she had to finish what she had (all of three bites) before she got a different kind. The conversation went like this:

S: Mama, I want different cereal.
Me: Finish what you have and then you can have something else.
S: No, I don’t WANNA finish it!
Me: Shoshanna, you know you have to finish what you have before you get something different.
S (wailing): Don’t SAY that!
Me: OK.
S (still wailing): I don’t WANT this cereal! I want different cereal!
Me: Finish that, then you can have something different.
Daddy (comes in from the other room): What’s going on?
Me: She wants different cereal but doesn’t want to finish what she has.

At which point all the adults present (M, me, and Grandma) completely lost it. Because she was REQUESTING things mid-tantrum. (She did finish the cereal and get the frosted mini-wheats that she wanted so badly.)

Thing three: Yesterday as we were driving home, Shoshanna was pretending to write e-mails to her pretend friend Shoshanna (who was new for this game… lately her invisible friends are nearly always Dora and Boots). She “sent” one and then said sadly, “But she’s not there so I can’t talk to her right now.” We explained that the nice thing about e-mail is that her friend can read it when she gets home – it will be there waiting for her. Two seconds later, “She wrote me back!” Us: “What did she say?” “Hi Shoshanna. Do you want to come play at my house? Ok! We will have fun! But I can’t come play right now because I’m not there. OK, you will come later. Bye.”

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