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“Big Girl Clothes”

Posted on: June 20, 2008

Shoshanna is big enough now that we can shop for her in either the toddler section OR the regular kid’s section.* When we were out at Target earlier this week, we took a spin through the clearance racks in the girls’ section, and I was convinced that I’m going to keep buying her clothes in the toddler section for as long as humanly possible. Why?

Because my three-year-old does NOT need to be wearing shirts emblazoned with Hannah Montana or High School Musical.

Yeah, there are character-emblazoned clothes in the toddler section, too – primarily Dora and Disney princesses. I try to avoid these (though I admit to having caved and bought her Little Einsteins overalls last summer, and her underwear mostly have Dora and Elmo on them) but at least if she IS wearing them, she’s shilling for media that are actually age-appropriate. She wouldn’t know WHAT to make of Hannah Montana or HSM. She was terrified of Jackie Chan Adventures when E was watching it over spring break.

*It should be noted that Shoshanna is EXTREMELY excited that she can shop in the “big girl section” at Target, and pretty much has to at Children’s Place (they make a 4T but they’re rarely in stock at the outlet). A couple of weeks ago we bought her socks in the big girl section and she loooooves them pretty much BECAUSE they came from there.

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