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Reading update

Posted on: June 13, 2008

After the “hourly garage” incident, which was followed a couple of weeks later by a “head start” incident, we have been paying more attention to what Shoshanna can and can’t read.

The short answer is she CAN read some words, either by sight or by sounding them out.  She knows by sight the names of all of the kids in her class, even out of context.  For example, months ago, I had a Ben Folds Five t-shirt on and she asked my why Ben’s name was on my shirt; right now we have Olivia out of the library and she knew right away upon seeing it what the title was. And guess what, there’s a Ben and an Olivia in her class.

But those aren’t the only things she can read.  We also have Big Dog… Little Dog out of the library right now and the first time through she figured out Fred and Ted pretty quickly, as well as the title and the first two of the signs when Fred and Ted have to decide where to drive (“the mall” and “the zoo”).  Of course, now she has the whole thing memorized.

While we’re on the subject of books, I have a recommendation.  We got David Wiesner’s Flotsam as a gift several months ago and we love it.  It is quite literally a picture book – no text to read.  Shoshanna loves to “read” it to us.  It’s the story of a boy who finds an underwater camera that washes up on shore… the illustrations are breathtaking and the story is very sweet.

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