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What are we teaching her???

Posted on: June 8, 2008

We went to an SCA demo at the Herschell Carousel Factory Museum yesterday.  It’s always fun because they put on a family-friendly medieval fair as a fundraiser and we’re there to be ambiance.  As an added bonus, anybody who’s in medieval clothing gets free rides on the carousel, which of course Shoshanna loves.

I seriously have never seen my child work her cute as much as she did yesterday.  Of course she got the prizes from all the little games they had – little plastic gee-gaws that I’m going to pitch as soon as I get a chance.  But she also batted her eyelashes at everyone who passed by and got her picture taken a million times (I’m not kidding – there were a couple of people who were almost starting to freak me out, they were taking so many pictures of her).  She also worked the cute and got given a pretty stone from a stone/geode vendor and a flower magnet from a ceramicist.

In case you want to see JUST how cute she was yesterday, there are pictures here (having the whack-a-rat game explained to her), here (us playing the whack-a-rat game), and here (watching Edith weaving).

An acquaintance also gave me a handful of pictures that she took of us at an event in April – I didn’t find out if she has them posted anywhere online, but I will try to so I can post a link.

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3 Responses to "What are we teaching her???"

The cute, it is overwhelming!

Seriously, with those little curls poking out from her scarf? ADORABLE. It’s no wonder she’s a camera magnet!

The proper nomenclature is “ceramist” 😉

OMG she is so cute!

hey, did you ever figure out if she was reading?

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