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Posted on: June 5, 2008

I got asked several times this morning, “Why Daddy is going to pick me up at school?   Daddy picks me up at school on MONDAY!”  I tried to explain to Shoshanna that we are trying to use the car less because it’s better for the environment (never mind gas that’s well over $4/gallon here…) and so we don’t want to take the car on two trips downtown every day.

Last night on our walk, Shoshanna was picking flowers as usual.  She also picked up a couple of tiny pinecones and wanted to put them in water with the flowers but we said that you don’t usually do that with pinecones.  We decided to do an experiment to see what happens to pinecones when you put them in water, though.  We had 3; we put 2 in the water and kept one out (you have to have a control group!).  On initial observation, the pine cones floated.  Twelve hours later, the were still floating but had closed up and were floating just BELOW the surface of the water instead of on top.  Further comparisons between the experimental group and the control group will be impossible, since this morning Shoshanna decided to put the control group in the water, too.

Plans have been finalized and plane tickets acquired for Shoshanna to go to Grammy and Grampa’s while we parents go on vacation in August.  Last year she did pretty well at Grandma & Opa’s house, but the next time we went to DC she informed me very insistently “and you NOT go on da-cation”.  The first time we talked about her going to my folks’ house she asked me whether we were going to go on vacation and I said yes and she was upset for a couple of minutes, but these days she just seems excited about it.  We’ll see how she does once the reality of me leaving sets in.

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