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“Hourly Garage”

Posted on: May 19, 2008

We were in DC for Grandma’s surprise birthday party (her birthday was actually the 5th, but the party was Saturday night) this weekend. 

We learned that co-sleeping with Shoshanna is NOT an option – we spent all Saturday night getting kicked and hit as she thrashed around trying to get herself comfortable.  Yes, the kid who is barely over three feet tall can take up an entire queen-sized bed by herself.  She was very sweet Sunday morning, though – she picked us both flowers to say “sorry” for having kept us awake.

We also were FLABBERGASTED by our child.  As we pulled in to the “departing flights” drop off area at BWI last night, Shoshanna pipes up and  asks, “Why it says ‘hourly garage’?”

None of us had said anything about the sign.

I don’t think any of us got around to answering her question, either.  We were busy processing what had just happened.  I’ve been trying to reconstruct when/where she might have heard it.  Maybe on previous trips to the airport, maybe as we were going from the terminal TO the garage on Friday night when Josh picked us up.  But I’m not sure.

Hourly garage, indeed.

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2 Responses to "“Hourly Garage”"

EASY! The kid knows how to read!!!!! esta

I was reading at her age. Kids (esp bright kids) learn themselves sometimes.

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