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March for Babies!

Posted on: May 2, 2008

Her BFF SabretoothOur March for Babies was Sunday morning, the 27th of April. The weather Saturday afternoon was moderately crappy (we went to the Aquarium at Niagara), but the weather folks had promised us good weather for Sunday, and boy were they right! It was bright & sunny and topped out around 65 degrees. Perfect!

This year the walk moved from downtown Buffalo to Delaware Park, which is a muchTeam Boc Babies talks to the media more scenic location. Sabretooth was there, of course, and Shoshanna about blew a gasket when she saw him. Wouldn’t surprise me if he recognizes her at this point. There were carnival games and such for the kids, and lots of media wandering around. Marlene & her twins were the spokespeople this year, but Whitney and Mia ended up getting some camera time, too (and not just from me).

Why We WalkThis year’s mission tent also featured a place to hang stuff about “Why We Walk” – our one-page contribution featured Aunt Jacy’s haiku along with various Then & Now pictures of Shoshanna. We dedicated our walk to Shoshanna’s honor, thinking of her NICU buddy JJ, and in memory of my friend AMM’s daughter Megan (who was stillborn at around 19 weeks last November).

Grammy and Grampa had a tummy bug so Grammy walked with us about to the zoo and then bailed to go sit under a tree and read. We walked the ring road of the park with lots of other people; Shoshanna walked a bit of it herself and asked lots of questions, especially about the boy who was riding his bike. And then we had hot dogs and went home.

Thanks to everyone who contributed – we raised over $1300 to help fund prematurity-related research!

And now the last pictures, just ’cause they’re cute. First two are from the walk, the other is from last week sometime.

Dancin'Daddy kisses...



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