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As if there was any question as to her paternity…

Posted on: April 14, 2008

I have commented a number of times that Shoshanna really is just a miniaturized version of her father. It’s true, it really really is. See, for example, this morning.

Shoshanna was quite the tired girl after a weekend of an SCA event on Saturday (no nap, passing out in the car, being half-woken to go to the airport to pick M up from a massively delayed flight, then actually in bed for real) followed by a Sunday involving groceries and a long lunch out with friends and no nap and then swimming. She was in bed by 7 pm yesterday and fell asleep basically immediately, but we still had to wake her up this morning. Normally waking her up (which we usually don’t have to do – usually when she hears our alarm go off, she comes and climbs into our bed and sits on someone’s head) just involves opening her door so she can hear us moving around, but this morning it actually took some effort. And in that process, she rolled over a couple of times only to settle back into the exact same position she’d been sleeping in, without opening her eyes. And then she grabbed for the covers to cover herself back up. Matthew had moved them out of reach, but she kept on trying to grab them.  I hauled her out of her bed and dropped her in ours while I went to get clothes for her and she snuggled down and pulled the covers back over her head again.

All of which is EXACTLY what Matthew does when you try to wake him up. All that was missing was a grumpy voice muttering “five more minutes”. (He even mutters that at the alarm clock.)

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