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Road Trip Queen!

Posted on: March 28, 2008

Shoshanna and I headed out on a girls-only road trip to visit MA this week.  Yes, I am insane enough to drive six hours by myself with a three-year-old.  We left Wednesday morning and before we headed out, we sat down and wrote down the Road Trip Rules, which go as follows:

  1. When Mommy pees, Shoshanna pees.
  2. No Whining.
  3. Hand toys back to Mommy (because I can’t reach things that she has dropped on the seat or the floor).
  4. Sing Songs.
  5. Have fun!

And then we decorated it with a picture of us riding in the car.  I am so glad I had that idea, too, because I can refer to the rules (particularly rule #2) and she gets very excited and usually ends up laughing about the rules.

So on the trip out, we drove as far a Syracuse and stopped for lunch; then we drove almost to Albany and had to stop a bit earlier than I had planned for a bathroom break.  During that leg, I had promised her a treat and she watched a couple of Little Einsteins episodes on the iPod.  After our second stop, I suggested that she try to close her eyes and rest a bit. She woke up when we got off the MassPike in Springfield/Holyoke.

So we’ve been staying with friends who have a lovely cat who adores Shoshanna – this evening he saved me from the process of leaving the room when I put her to bed – he hopped up and started snuggling her and stayed there for over an hour.

Silly GirlsYesterday we went to the Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art and then had lunch with some old friends from the NICU – K & A, who are three weeks older than S and were in her same pod.  The three girls were HILARIOUS together – I never thought I would meet a three year old who was MORE gregarious and talkative than Shoshanna, but K is.  Shoshanna was, while not completely dominated, definitely not the instigator in that little twosome.  “Shoshanna, can I hold your hand!?  Shoshanna, come on!  Shoshanna, do you want to eat some of my apple?! Shoshanna!  Shoshanna!  Shoshanna!!!”  It was HILARIOUS.  A is totally mellow and agreeable and a sweetheart and Shoshanna had such a blast seeing them.  We had dinner with some friends last night and Shoshanna ate octopus, spätzle, knockwurst, various kinds of salad, and 2/3 of a piece of cheesecake that was AS BIG AS HER HEAD!

Today Shoshanna put up with me dragging her all over UMass to see friends and colleagues and then have a meeting with my advisor.  She was super-tolerant of the stupid and didn’t get annoyed utnil the very end.  Then when we got in the car to head to the Alekxs’ house she passed out cold in under three minutes and didn’t wake up when I carried her into the apartment.  Or when I started talking to her, singing, jiggling, tickling.  Eventually she did wake up and eat dinner and play cars with Aleks.  After dinner and cars we hopped in the car and headed to Baystate to visit where we saw a couple of her nurses who were THRILLED to see her and very impressed at her Shoshanna-ness.

To be concluded tomorrow, when we see friends in the morning and then head home after lunch.

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1 Response to "Road Trip Queen!"

Pip looked for Shoshana last night at bedtime. It was pretty clear he missed her. I forgot how much he loves pre-school age kids. How bizarre is that?

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