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Just call her an elephant…

Posted on: February 19, 2008

Shoshanna has an AMAZING memory.  I have in the past chalked this up to an ability that those of us who are used to our culture of writing have simply let atrophy, but occasionally I really wonder if she’s just uncannily good at remembering events.

Last summer (August, to be precise):

I was talking with some friends about lizards (no, I don’t remember why).  From the back seat, Shoshanna pipes up, “I saw a lizard while I was eating grapes in my stroller.”  I went, WHA? and then I remembered – she had, in fact, seen a lizard while she was eating grapes in her stroller, in March when we went to the zoo with my parents.

Earlier this week:

“Mama, why I had blood on my nose when I was a baby?”  She was talking about when she tumbled out of her crib last April (yes, almost a year ago).
“When I was drying the dishes with Grandma, I gave her a big hug.”  (Grandma, can you confirm this?  Based on other tidbits that I can’t remember well enough to quote, this was in reference to when she stayed with you guys in August.)


“When it was hot in the car when I was at grandma’s house she turned on the air conditioner.”  That one’s pretty self-explanatory.
“Mama, why we took hummus to Steph’s party?”  (A friend’s birthday party last August.)  “There were lots of other kids there that I played with.”  (There were.)

She comes up with these tidbits on an almost daily basis, and we have to rack our brains to come up with what on earth she’s referring to.  Sometimes we can figure it out, other times we are completely baffled.

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2 Responses to "Just call her an elephant…"

I have a (vaguely) educated guess about why this is. Memory is apparently as much about forgetting as it is about remembering. We remember the important things (hopefully) and try to forget the unimportant things, because they’ll just clutter things up in our heads.

But when you’re 3, your definition of “important” is going to be very different from when you’re 30. And it’s also fuzzier, since you’re still doing a lot of figuring out how life works. So for whatever reason, kids focus on certain things as being really REALLY important and remember them for ages and ages.

Zoë does the same thing.

Have you played Memory, the game with the square cards, with her? If not, you should! (:

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