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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Posted on: February 14, 2008

Three years ago today, we were in the hospital for a swallow/sleep study – the one that got us off of both Reglan and supplemental O2.  (New preemie parents reading this: do NOT let pulmo and GI decide to d/c both a motility drug and supplemental O2 at the same time… S’s little belly filled up and pushed on her lungs and we put her back on the O2 for a night shortly after we stopped those two at the same time.)

But now the real reason for posting: a cute story.  A couple of weeks ago, S’s class made “Friendship Flowers” – each kid listed five things they liked about another kid.  S was paired up with Lara.  Things that Lara likes about S include that she shares toys with her, she laughs a lot, and she likes her clothes.

This morning on the way to school, Shoshanna asked me, “Mama, what do you like about me?”  I thought for a minute and settled on the following list:

  • I like that you’re so nice to everyone
  • I like that you call yourself Roo, me Kanga, and Daddy Tigger
  • I like that you know what you want
  • I like that you are usually happy

Then I asked her, “Shoshanna, what do you like about me?”  She responded, “Mama, what do you like about me?”

Ah, the ego of three-year-olds.  (That said, when we rang the buzzer to get into her school this morning she did tell them that both she and Donald were there, rather than just declaring herself.)


1 Response to "Happy Valentine’s Day!"

I like that she’s so thoughtful and shares with kids she’s never met. And we like her clothes, too :). Zoe wore one of Shoshanna’s old shirts today (at least I this it was hers) – the Lovasaurus Rex t-shirt. It was a hit at daycare.

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