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March for Babies – Why Donate?

Posted on: February 12, 2008

One thing that can be hard to articulate when we’re asking people to donate to March for Babies is exactly what the March of Dimes is doing.  Yeah, I can (and do) show them before and after pictures of Shoshanna, but they look at her now and say, “yeah, ok, totally normal preschooler” and the point doesn’t really get across.

Longtime readers know that Shoshanna’s premature arrival was due to preterm labor with no apparent cause – we SUSPECT intrauterine infection, but don’t have any way of knowing for sure.  And this year, the March of Dimes is funding research into the mechanisms of preterm labor, ranging from the way that uterine muscle works (that research is being carried out right here in Buffalo) to several studies around infection, bacteria, and immune responses.  This is research that ultimately could prevent another family in our position from delivering their baby 14 1/2 weeks too soon.

So…  let’s support this kind of research – you can donate to our family team (which currently consists of us and Grammy and Grampa) by going here and making a donation or signing up to walk with us!


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