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Little Risk Taker

Posted on: January 20, 2008

We took Shoshanna to the play place at the mall today.  The wind chill was well below 0 and she needed to run around.  The play place is sponsored by one of the local auto dealers and one of the things at the play place is a miniaturized VW Bug – it’s about 3′ high (so basically the same height as S).  It’s tough to climb, but today we helped her figure out how to do it herself.  She scaled it quite happily several times and the slid down the front and off the hood.  Then she stood up on top of it.  She declared herself (at our prompting, admittedly) to be King of the Mountain and surveyed her kingdom for a bit.

And then she jumped off of it.

I swore really loudly and then laughed until I cried.  She actually landed on her backside on the hood and slid the rest of the way down.   I was torn between chastising her for giving me a bloody heart attack and praising her for her bravery.


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