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Pre-Reading Skills

Posted on: January 9, 2008

Shoshanna is showing us all kinds of fun pre-reading skills. Obviously, she’s very interested in books and stories – she would spend her entire life in someone’s lap having books read to her if she could get away with it (well, as long as we let her up occasionally to make up silly songs and dance on her toes). She knows the sounds for all of the consonants, though the subtleties of vowel sounds do trip her up, and easily recognizes all the capital letters (or, as she told me the other day, the UPPERCASE ones). We can occasionally get her to sound out words with a lot of help.

2/52:  PLATE THIS WORD (by sarahmichelef)The latest thing, though, is tracing out letters and words that we’ve written. This started when she was coloring with another (older) kid in the Atlanta airport while we were waiting for connecting flight home from Orlando and surfaced again tonight.  She told me she wanted to practice letters and I asked her which ones.  She picked Z and A and so I added a P just for kicks.  After that we did “that”, “plate”, “this”, “word”, “crayons”, “cup”, and “table”.  I actually think I’m forgetting some of them, too.  She was quite happy tracing out my letters – she sometimes connects lines in ways that aren’t appropriate but she generally does a pretty darn good job with the letters, too, though her little fingers were clearly tired by the end of it.  That’s some serious fine motor work there, people!


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