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What We Did On Our Winter Vacation(s)

Posted on: January 2, 2008

We had more than our usual level of holiday wackiness this year, because we decided it would be a Very Clever Idea to go to Portland, OR for Christmas and then to Orlando for New Year’s, with one day at home in between.

Yes, I am aware that we are clinically insane.

Drummin' (by sarahmichelef)On Sunday the 23rd, we had a little Flickr Mixr with the gals from Red, W(h)ine, and Boo. The three girls got along pretty darn well for three girls between 2.5 and 3.25. Then Shoshanna and I had the fun of walking a mile and a half back to my sister’s house in the rain, because I had been dumb and forgotten to put my phone in my jeans pocket so I missed a call from Matthew telling me that everybody was heading out to Powell’s. We were damp and cold by the time we got there, but we survived.

We did family gifts the evening of the 24th because we were on a red-eye back home on Christmas night. Shoshanna was a wonderful gift-deliverer and pretty quickly was able to recognize every family member’s name based on the letters that she could recognize in them. That in and of itself was impressive – even more impressive was when she may or may not have read the text on the Rosie the Riveter sign that my sister got.

See, Cooper? (by sarahmichelef)Shoshanna was also in loooooove with Cooper, my sister’s roommate’s cat. He figured out pretty quickly that she was an enthusiastic playmate and they got along quite well.

There was a time when traveling on Christmas Day was easy. No longer, no-sir. We watched our connecting flight pull away from the gate when we landed in SF from Portland, found ourselves standing by onto a red-eye to Chicago (only a 3 1/2 hour flight – not long enough for significant sleep for anyone) during which Shoshanna refused to sleep, then booked on an afternoon flight back home but we were able to stand by on to an earlier flight, getting home only about half an hour later than originally scheduled. Of course, United lost one of our bags, which we finally recovered around 7 pm, in time to pack to leave the next morning for Orlando.

Booms! (by sarahmichelef)Ah, Orlando. Last time we were there, it was December 2001 and travel was still depressed. No longer – it was a complete madhouse. Shoshanna loved it. Well, except for the Disney tendency toward pyrotechnics. What began as a normal fear a year ago, when she was awakened by the NYE fireworks in Williamsburg has progressed to a full-blown phobia. We had been playing them up as pretty, loud but not something that would hurt her, and something that she should say “wow” to. We thought we had succeeded when we happened to drive by MGM when the Fantasia show was ending and she didn’t freak out. We thought we had succeeded… we were wrong. We all went to Illuminations at Epcot Center the first night and she definitely thought they were pretty, but she was also TERRIFIED. Matthew took her back to the hotel posthaste. I had never realized that EVERY THING has fireworks – even the most day to day show on the property. We managed, but it was interesting at times.

Easily the highlight of the trip was one full day spent at MGM Studios, including a character lunch with June adn Leo from the Little Einsteins as well as Jojo the Clown and her pet lion Goliath. Right before lunch the Einsteins were also doing a meet-n-greet, so S was in absolute heaven (as they are her all-time favorites right now).

June and Quincy (by sarahmichelef) Annie and Leo (by sarahmichelef) Crescendo! (by sarahmichelef) NOW Jojo can have a hug (by sarahmichelef) 359/365 (by sarahmichelef)

360/365:  IT'S CINDERELLA'S CASTLE!!!!!!!!!! (by sarahmichelef)The other highlight of the trip was, of course, Magic Kingdom, where we spent two full days. Shoshanna is quite firmly convinced that she went on Space Mountain (the little Tomorrowland transporter ride goes through the Space Mountain building), she rode on the kiddie coaster (as I mentioned in the previous post), went on the spinning teacups twice, and saw Cinderella’s castle. And, to top that off, Cinderella waved at her during the afternoon parade. Cinderella waving to her and getting to dance with June? My kid’s life is now complete.

If you want to see all of the Disney pictures I’ve posted (which isn’t even close to all of the pictures we took) they’re here.

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Your daughter is extreamly beautiful.

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