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Flu Shot Sucker

Posted on: November 16, 2007

Want to traumatize a three year old? Take her with you when you go get your flu shots! Seriously, I think we might have scarred her for life. I think it took until it was all over and she had her sucker for her to REALLY believe that she was not getting a shot, even though we explained over and over again that she already had hers and she had been really really brave and set a good example for us and we were going to try to be as brave as she was when she got her flu shot, which she was not getting on this trip.

When it was Matthew’s turn to go in (he got his paperwork done faster than me – I was busy fishing out the second No Pee Accidents Cookie from the diaper bag for Miss S) Shoshanna let him take her Abi but when he suggested that she go with him (I think he wanted her there to distract him from the shot – we were not kidding when we told Shoshanna that she handled her flu shot better than Daddy handles his) the lower lip came out and she flung herself at me. So she went in with me right behind Daddy. The lip got even bigger and the tears welled up when she saw the needle coming towards my arm, so I covered her eyes because there was no way she was going to look away and when it was all over she got a sucker. Daddy was offered one, too, but declined. For some reason nobody offered ME a treat!


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