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First gig as poster child(ren)

Posted on: November 11, 2007

A couple of weeks ago, we signed up as an Ambassador Family for the March of Dimes.  Our first official gig in that role was yesterday – we went to speak to a “National Cluster Meetings” of the FCCLA, which partners with the MoD for volunteer opportunities for young people.  We spoke about our experience to a room of maybe 30 young people (mostly if not all girls) and some of their faculty advisors as part of a larger presentation from the MoD.  It was fun and interesting – the presentation will definitely get more polished as we/I give it more (we decided that this time I would do the talking and that Matthew would hold & entertain the visual aids).  Shoshanna was appropriately charming (munching on an apple for most of the presentation) and when our part was over M took her out to play in the hallway while I listened to the rest of the presentation.  They came back in for the Q&A and Shoshanna charmed everyone by yelling out “OcTObert!” when someone mentioned the month of October, which made everyone laugh, which made S laugh…  But she was very good and not disruptive at all, which was fantastic.

Tuesday is National Prematurity Awareness Day.  Remember to hug your favorite preemie, and maybe make a donation to the MoD.  Friday night the Sabres will be doing Pink and Blue night and we’ll be leafleting and hanging out outside of the arena before the game along with some other families from the local MoD (sadly, they couldn’t score us any tickets to the game).


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