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Posted on: November 8, 2007

We read a LOT of books in our house.  This will come as no surprise to anyone who knows us.  In fact, we can’t get Shoshanna to sit on the potty without reading books to her.  Part of our book-reading involves weekly trips to the library for story hour, where I’m not 100% sure the librarian is all that enamored of a room full of 2 and 3 year olds, but they hear stories and make crafts and it’s cute.  And then, every week, we return Shoshanna’s books and get out new ones.  While S pillages the bin of board books for such scintillating titles as Corduroy’s Day, What Color Is It, Piggy Wiggy?, and Barney’s Animal Houses I go through the picture books looking for something more entertaining for us to read to her.

The past two weeks, I’ve randomly hit upon a couple of real winners.

  • Sticky People is a charming little rhyme about two very messy kids and their very messy day.  The art is very cute, the rhymes are catchy, and Shoshanna loves it.  I love that it’s all about running around and having fun and reveling in dirt.
  • The day before Halloween, I happened to grab My Monster Mama Loves Me So.  It wasn’t even on the Halloween shelf!  This is perfect for us because we run around “‘tending” to be monsters and RARRRRRRing all the time.  So this is fodder for more monster play in our house.

So if you’re looking for entertaining reads for the 3ish set, check those two out.


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