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Halloween Report

Posted on: November 2, 2007

Evil Auntie Eilis Outdoes Herself Again (by sarahmichelef)When we asked Shoshanna what she wanted to be for Halloween this year (ages ago, in July) she settled on a pirate. She does love to run around the house yelling “Arrrrr!” after all. So we told her Evil Auntie Eilis (my friend Elizabeth, who called dibs on Shoshanna’s Halloween costumes before she was even born) the request and the work commenced. Let me just say that there are advantages to having a professional costumer around calling dibs on the costumes. Because we had the single best-dressed kid on the block, hands down.

This year Shoshanna was not terrified of the kids coming to the house – she loved answering the door and seeing the other kids in their costumes. And she was thrilled by the trick-or-treating process – she loves doorebells, and she had been practicing saying “Trick or Treat!” We all went out together for a little bit, and then I peeled off and came back home to hand out candy at our house. (Note for next year: need more than 150 pieces of candy.)

There was one moment when she was very apprehensive, though. We approached a house and there was a big kid (probably 11 or so) already on the porch. A big kid with a scary mask and a plastic chainsaw. And Shoshanna was NOT OKAY with the big kid in the scary mask with the plastic chainsaw. When the kid lifted up her mask, though, Shoshanna giggled and was willing to go up to the door.

Once home, we let her eat a couple of pieces of candy for dessert and sent her off to bed. Yesterday morning, the first thing she asked for was a snack and she was MOST UNHAPPY with us when we told her that she could not have Halloween candy for breakfast.


2 Responses to "Halloween Report"

Love your blog.. My visits have been infrequent so it took a while to catch up.. SHE IS SO ADORABLE!!!! Love her!!!!

[…] demanding a parrot. Or maybe she just wants to be like her big sister-in-blog (who was perhaps the awesomest pirate ever for Halloween) […]

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