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Posted on: September 28, 2007

On clinginess:
Ever since vacation in August, Shoshanna  has been even more of a mama’s girl than she was before.  M is no longer allowed to put her to bed.  When I went to pick up the pizza for dinner the other night she apparently ran after the car.  And this morning, I had to run back into her classroom to drop off something and I tried not to let her see me but she did and it was DRAMA!!!  (Let’s not even talk about last week when she saw me going in to the gym (which is at the same facility – I work out before we pick her up)!)  I was telling her about a school trip to the pumpkin farm next week and she said she wanted me to come with her but got upset when I explained that I could, but I would have to go to work afterwards.

On Preschool:
Freakouts about me leaving/appearing aside, she loooves school.  She loves the playground, she loves the other kids, she loves the teachers.  I don’t know if it’s coincidental or not, but her intellectual grasp of stuff is growing by leaps and bounds, as is her ability to recount events.  When we enrolled her, the director and I decided to put her in a mixed 3/4 class but she was the only one who wasn’t yet 3 and ended up gravitating towards the all-3 class (that lives in the same huge classroom) and so they officially switched her into that class this week.  I signed my first permission slip yesterday, which was kind of weird.  In terms of “academic” stuff she’s already got most of the stuff that’s listed on the 3-year-old curriculum (colors, shapes, beginning counting and letter/sound recognition) but, as the self-sorting shows, she’s not that advanced socially/emotionally.  This is something we’ll have to grapple with especially as fall 2009 rolls around – will we enroll her in kindergarten at just shy of 5 and make her the absolute youngest in her class, or will we keep her out an extra year and make her the absolute oldest?  We’ll see what seems best when the time comes.

On pretend:
There is SO MUCH “‘tend” play that goes on in our house these days.  Yesterday I was fed a feast of peanut butter & jelly cookies, to be washed down with coffee.  For a while a couple of weeks ago I was Diego Mommy and S was Dora Shoshanna; now we’ve moved on to her being either June Shoshanna or Annie Shoshanna, and I’m usually Leo Mommy.  Oh, and she doesn’t wear shoes, she wears glass slippers, and often she’s CinderShoshanna.  (Yeah, she’s going to LOVE DisneyWorld.)


2 Responses to "Other tidbits…"

NY Times magazine had an article this summer about red shirting Kindergarteners. It seems like there are some long-lasting advantages to being one of the oldest in the class. The confidence that comes from being successful that year lasts long past the point where a 12-month age span matters. Evidently it’s very trendy in certain upscale neighborhoods to hold kids back a year!

I only have my sister’s experience to go on. Her daugheter is a december birthday (their cutoff is 12/31) and she chose to start her in kindergarten in the later year (Anya is almost the oldest in her class.) Its been a good choice, since she has a friend in the grade ahead and Anya is so much smaller and overwhelmed by those older girls. Meanwhile, she’s been happy and successful in her grade. YMMV

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