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Off she Goes!

Posted on: September 5, 2007

242/365: Off she goes! (by sarahmichelef)For scale (by sarahmichelef)

Today was Shoshanna’s first day of preschool. We’d been talking it up for quite a while, and she was super-excited. Admittedly, part of that excitement was because to her “school” meant water tables and the sandbox on the playground (which is what she did on her visit there). This morning during breakfast she said to me, “I’m going to school. You’re going to leave me there.” I laughed at her phrasing and agreed. When we got there she took off to play with all the new toys – she was totally done with me. I made sure she met her teachers and went on my way, knowing that she was happy as a clam.

When we picked her up this afternoon, we learned that they had read “Little Red Riding Hood”, made a list of red things that they found in the classroom (including her shirt, apparently), and made red collages. And she was still happy as a clam.


3 Responses to "Off she Goes!"

Sounds like she had a lovely day, and she’s too cute in the pictures!

Yeah Shoshana loving school! She’s so cute in her back-pack! I haven’t checked in for a while….What cute pictures!

Liz M

Congratulations on Shoshana’s first day of school, she looks so cute with her backpack on. Elizabeth does not tell me much about her days at school and it kills me not to know what she did there. Our girls are quite alike both 25.3 weekers and both with amazing personalities, very chatty and happy.

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