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Life in our house…

Posted on: June 3, 2007

After a pullup change this afternoon, I didn’t bother putting shorts back on Shoshanna – it was 90 degrees outside and pretty warm and sticky in the house, too.  Then it rained (finally – they had been promising us thunderstorms for a week), and Shoshanna decided that she needed to go out and splash in the puddles.  This, of course, required her ladybug boots.  But she declined to put on pants, so off we went in her jolly roger t-shirt, a Cars pullup, and her ladybug boots, in search of puddles to splash in.

As we came home from our walk, a black chow that was wandering around the neighborhood (had clearly slipped his leash – he had on a harness) wandered by and Shohsanna disagreed with me when I pointed him out to her as a dog.  She informed us that it was a bear.  (And, honestly, I could totally see where she got bear from a wet muddy black chow.)


2 Responses to "Life in our house…"

Please, please, please tell me you have pictures of this!

LOL.. I am gonna second the KIM response… PICTURES pictures !!!!!

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