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Visit from Grammy and Grampa, in words and a couple of pictures

Posted on: May 28, 2007

Grammy and Grampa were here this weekend (still are – they’re leaving tomorrow). We’ve had oodles of fun.

139/365: Reading Books Outside (by sarahmichelef) First, on Saturday afternoon, Shoshanna insisted that we read her new books (acquired by Grammy at the Stillwater Public Library used book sale) “outside on the grass.” Here Grampa is reading her one of the many new Pooh books that they brought – I think it was the one about Pooh’s leaf pile. (Has anyone else noticed that Rabbit is a total killjoy???) (Picture 139/365.)

We attempted to go get some (Buffalo) chicken wings for Grammy and Grampa on Saturday night but our restaurant of choice was far too crowded. Oh well! Next time…

On Sunday we had brunch with Mama and Daddy’s old friend Mikey, who was passing through140/365 (by sarahmichelef) town on a road trip. Then Shoshanna and Grammy and Grampa got portraits taken, which is always entertaining. After naptime, we attempted to go to a free concert on the beach in Fort Erie, but the weather turned nasty. We were there long enough to teach Shoshanna the unmitigated joy of rolling down hills (picture 140/365) and to let her play in the sand for a bit. Then we went to Old Fort Erie (not entirely on purpose) to eat our picnic dinner and headed home just as it started to rain. Lucky timing for us!

Today the weather could not have been more perfect, so we went to the zoo, where Shoshanna got to feed a giraffe a zwieback cracker. I had no idea that she even remembered that you COULD feed a giraffe a cracker at our zoo, but when we got there and I asked her what she wanted to see first, she said “The daffe! I feed the daffe a cracker!” So there you go – she got to feed the giraffe a cracker. And she wasn’t scared at all. We saw lots of other critters, but eventually we ran into141/365: naptime and had to come home. Not before she went across the little suspension bridges “all by myself”, though! (Picture 141/365) And then we took advantage of the weather some more by going to the playground and then we had dinner at which Shoshanna devoured her broccoli, chicken, and bell peppers and turned her nose up at carrots, sweet potatoes, and lettuce. I can’t really complain.


1 Response to "Visit from Grammy and Grampa, in words and a couple of pictures"

She looks so good. I can’t wait till we get Ty’s glasses so he can see the stuff at the zoo. I think he would love it!! Thanks for the update!!!

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