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A week’s silence…

Posted on: May 4, 2007

To be broken with a bulleted list and some pictures.

  • S has a cold. It’s not too bad; she hasn’t missed any daycare because of it and seems to be on the mend. She likes Triaminic way better than Robitussin.
  • Big Girl Bed is going swimmingly. We manage to leave without drama and rarely have to go in to comfort her/put her back in bed at night. She’s waking earlier, though.
  • WalkAmerica was awesome. Thanks to all who donated. I forgot the camera, so sadly there are no pictures. :^(
  • Mailed S’s preschool registration paperwork this week. Is she really going to be old enough for preschool?

And now the pictures…
116/365: Little girl, big world. (by sarahmichelef) Strawberry Shake #1 (by sarahmichelef) 110/365:  Today's Fashion Statement (by sarahmichelef)


2 Responses to "A week’s silence…"

Wow. The fashion statement is *awesome*.

Do NOT give her Triaminic!!

I read in an article that that stuff doesn’t work and is bad for them!!

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