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Problem solved…

Posted on: April 17, 2007

After much discussion of what to do about Shoshanna’s newfound escaping skills, we made the decision to move her out of her crib as soon as possible. Unfortunately, there were a couple of safety issues that had to be resolved first.

  1. Her dresser was not stable enough for us to be comfortable with her in her room by herself with it (especially given our ‘net friend Max‘s recent adventures with a dresser).
  2. One of the outlets was un-coverable (since a previous plug cover had lost a prong in the outlet). We have a new outlet to install, but haven’t gotten around to it.
  3. Various other electrical things needed to be moved to get them as much out of reach as possible.

So midnight Sunday night found us in her room rearranging furniture. (Yes, you read that right. Midnight. While she slept. She never budged.) We moved her dresser in front of one outlet and plugged the baby monitor in there. We moved her night light behind her big box of stuffed animals. And Matthew cut one prong off of a new cover and slapped that over the messed up outlet.

Today, I used L-brackets to attach her dresser to the wall. It’s secure enough that the drawers will give out before she can pull it over on herself. I also printed a picture of all three of us to hang on her wall where she can see it from her bed because we think she’s been having some separation or being-alone anxiety (we guess at least in part because her primary day care provider was on vacation last week). When I put her to bed, I reminded her that she could look up and see us whenever she wanted.

This evening before dinner, we made a big deal out of how she’s big enough to have a special bed like Mama and Daddy and we pulled the mattress out of her crib. She squealed in delight. We explained that she was going to get to sleep there but that when she wakes up in the morning, she has to stay on the bed until we come to get her. She was playing on the bed and sent Matthew to our room to sleep on “Daddy bed”. Even though I was in the room with her, she hollered, “Daddy! I wake! I wake! Come get me!” when she was ready to get off the bed.

At bedtime, she opted to read stories in our bed. Then I took her into her room and we lay down and read Farkle McBride, I sang to her a little bit, and then I sat in the rocking chair for a bit. I was out of her room with no drama in 15 minutes rather than the half an hour or more of hollering, whimpering, and crying that it’s taken every night since the fall – not to mention naps, which have required either both of us lying down with her or just delaying nap ’til she fell asleep in the car. Last night our babysitter had to sit next to our bed for half an hour because she screamed bloody murder when he tried to leave the room … and our bed was the failsafe for if she flipped about the crib… And then Matthew had to repeat that routine when he moved her to her crib.

She’s now rolled over onto her noise-making turkey twice and not woken up. We’ll see how tomorrow morning goes (did I mention the part where she woke up at 5:45 on Monday and 5:00 today?), but this is very, very encouraging. This weekend we’ll start looking for a “real” big girl bed for her.

100/365: Big girl bed! (by sarahmichelef) The solution to the escape situation... (by sarahmichelef)


1 Response to "Problem solved…"

Toddler beds are great transitional beds and you can continue to use the crib mattress. Worked great with my two girls because there are safety rails that run halfway down the bed (on some I think you can opt to leave them off) and they tended to roll around. Falling out of bed is scary!

Good luck!

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