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Reactions of other parents to special-needs kids

Posted on: April 4, 2007

An interesting article by a mom of a former 23-weeker about the reactions of other parents to her special-needs son.

clipped from
Yes, I think, kids do love to swing. But the reason my son loves to swing isn’t the same reason her daughter, in the
swing next to us, loves to swing. My son loves to swing because he is blind and non-verbal.� Swinging gives my sonthe kind of stimulation other kids, those who can see and talk and run and ride a bike, get by simply being and doing.
The mother next to me smiles herself and says, “Boy, he really loves that, doesn’t he?I mean, kids just love to swing, don’t they?”

The mother at the swings wants to know. It’s why she makes her observations, and why she pretends there is nothing different, nothing dissimilar about her child and mine.
She’d like to ask, What does his future look like? And How are you with all this?She wants to know but she doesn’t know how to ask. And so she tells me that all kids love to swing.

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