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Apple, Mango, what’s the difference?

Posted on: March 15, 2007

One of Shoshanna’s favorite books is an Elmo & Grover Hide & Seek where they travel around the world and you have to find one or the other of them and other items in the pictures.  Anyway, on one page they’re in the rain forest (“Grover’s in the forest lush…”) and one of the items to find is a mango.  And, without fail, Shoshanna declares it to be an apple.  And we say, “no, that’s a mango!”  And she says “Mama mango!  Shoshanna apple!”  I had been saying I was going to buy a mango for her to taste, and they were actually giving away mango samples at Wegman’s at one point recently, so we got her some.  And last week they were on sale and vaguely approaching ripe, so I bought one.  Got it out at breakfast this morning and Shoshanna was all excited.  “Mama mango!  I taste it!”  I gave her one piece and she gobbled it up.  She came back over and said, “I have some more?” so I gave her another piece.  That piece, she put in her mouth, chewed a little bit, and then handed back to me, saying, “I no like it.”

Ah well.  More mango for me, I guess.

(She has discovered the power of “I no like it.” and “This is yucky.”  A while back we were eating frozen mixed veggies and she ate a lima bean and got a funny look on her face as she chewed.  I said, “What do you think of that?”  She spit it out and said “Yucky!”)


1 Response to "Apple, Mango, what’s the difference?"

I knew my granddaughter had good taste. Her dislike of lima beans simply proves it!!

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