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57/365: Happy Brithday, Opa!

Posted on: March 4, 2007

57/365: Happy Brithday, Opa!

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We were off on a surprise trip to DC this weekend for Shoshanna’s Opa’s 60th birthday party. The whole party was a surprise, not just our presence. I couldn’t say anything here beforehand, obviously, because that would have ruined the surprise!

We had a fabulous time. We stayed with Uncle Josh & Aunt Jacy on Friday night… Saturday it was warm enough to play on the playground at their house before party-related running-around began. We told Shoshanna that we were having a party for Opa’s birthday and she said “I wear my party shoes! A party hat! Opa wear a party hat!”

Of course, she also declared, “Opa help me blow my nose, my boogers.” And he did. Now that’s love.

Anyway. This post is not about boogers. Opa had no clue about either the party or our presence in the state. Shoshanna actually fell 99% asleep in the five minutes that the lights were off anticipating Opa’s arrival. When we flipped the lights on and shouted surprise, she popped right up. And while Opa stood in the kitchen of Val & Steve’s house looking quite like a deer caught in the headlights, Shoshanna (who, remember, had been very nearly asleep 30 seconds before) came tearing through the sea of grownup legs squealing “OPAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!” at the top of her lungs. Yeah, she got her second wind.  Later she patently refused to go to sleep in Aiden’s crib, though.  She would much have preferred the twin bed that was in the room.

This  morning the whole crew (us, Grandma & Opa, Josh & Jacy, and Jacy’s parents Patti and Rod, who’d come down from Punxsy for the party) went to IHOP for breakfast, and Shoshanna learned to pipette liquids.  (I put that detail in just for Grammy and Grandpa; Opa already got to appreciate my chemistry humor.)  She was using a straw to “scoop” water into her mouth. Until she dumped most of the glass of water in Opa’s lap.  Fortunately, that happened about the same time that our food showed up, and she devoured 2 sausage links, one slice of bacon, one scrambled egg, and most of her 5 silver-dollar pancakes.

After that, she was a little bit tired.  Too tired to take off her sunglasses, and too tired to notice or care that she had them on upside down.

And tonight, miracle of miracles, our flight home left on time and arrived early.


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